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Chapter two: "There's something wrong with Kurt"

Kurt didn't tell Finn why he was crying that day. He couldn't, he knew he couldn't. The words still didn't make sense to him so how could he get out the words to tell someone else. He knew it wouldn't be long until people started knowing something wasn't right. He looked in front of his bathroom mirror one morning and touched his face. He was pale, well he had always been fair skinned but this was different. He had big bags under his eyes from not sleeping the last two nights since he found out. He opened a door and took out his make up bag.

"Kurt is everything okay?" asked Carol as he was looking down at his cornflakes. He'd been sat starting at them for the past twenty minuets and now they'd turned into a soggy mess in his bowl. He was lost in his thoughts, it had been this way for the last two days and teachers where starting to get annoyed with him. Mr. Shue had even pulled him aside after glee and asked him what was going on. Kurt didn't know what to say so he told him not to worry about it. It was getting harder and harder to keep it all in.

"Kurt?" Kurt blinked twice and looked up. Carol was starting at him her eyes filled with worry. Finn who was sat at the other side of the table his lips covered in chocolate spared was also staring at him. "Um sorry," he mumbled "I was just lost in thought" Kurt got up and pulled a coat on. "Kurt wait," Carol called "where are you going? I said I'd drive us" said Finn. Kurt just ignored them he needed the fresh air anyway.

Carol turned to her son and sighed "whats going on with him?" she said shaking her head. She was getting really worried about Kurt now. Finn opened his mouth to say something but then changed his mind and looked down. Carol narrowed her eyes at him. They where both defiantly hiding something "Finn what do you know?" she asked. "The other day I got home from school and I found Kurt staring at nothing and then he started crying" he blurted out. He'd been hiding it for two days now and he couldn't keep it in any longer. Carol looked shocked "Why didn't you tell me?" she asked her eyes still wide with shock. Finn looked guilty, not only because he'd hidden this from his mom but because he'd blabbed on something he'd promised he'd not "Because Kurt asked me not to" he said sighing a little and turning back to his chocolaty toast "what was upsetting him?" she asked calmly. "I don't know" he admitted. The day still scared and confused him, he'd seen Kurt cry a few times but this was different. Carol bit her lower lip nervously wondering what to do.

Why did I decide to walk my legs ache like hell Kurt thought to himself as he arrived at school. There was no one really around, he looked at his watch, He was 30 minuets early. He sighed and started to wonder the empty hallways. It wasn't a bad thing, it meant he had a better chance at avoiding a slushie. He ended up outside the choir room. He looked through the window to see if Mr. Shue was there but to his surprise Tina was sat there. He scowled wondering what she was doing there so early and quietly opened the door. The dark haired girl didn't hear, she was looking down at something on her lap "Tina" he said still feeling confused. She jumped a little and looked up her eyes wide "What are you doing here so early?" she asked. Kurt looked at her closely his eyes scanning her face. Something was clearly upsetting her. "I could ask you the same thing" She didn't reply instead she clutched the papers she was holding closer.  Kurt walked over and sat next to her "I've just got allot on my mind" he told her. "oh… me too," she mumbled "You wanna talk about it?" she added "not really," he said feeling a little bad "You?" She just shook her head. Kurt looked at the papers she was clutching close to her chest and frowned. He couldn't really see what they said but by the look on Tina's face she didn't want him to.

Can life get much more complicated. He thought to himself as he sat in French. Yes, Yes it can. 5 minuets later and Mr. Shue was stood at the door looking considered "Kurt" He looked up from the paper and sighed. "What is it?, is dad okay?!" he asked once they where stood outside the door. Mr. Shue nodded "He's fine, I need you to come to the office with me," he said nodding. "Is it Tina?" his mind coming up with all sorts of horrific scenarios. "Tina, what no as far as I know she's fine. Kurt nodded a little and just followed him.

When he got to the office he frowned "What's going on" he said. Sat there was a nervous looking Finn and Carol, his dad and even more confusing "Dave" he mumbled. Dave looked up at him, he looked even more confused than him "What are you doing here, what are you all doing here?" he asked. What the hell was going on. "Mr. Hummel sit down please" said Mr. Figgins. Kurt sighed and did what he was told. "I can honestly day I have no idea what I'm doing here" said Kurt "neither do I" chipped in Kurofsky. Kurt looked at Finn who was staring at his shoes now. He must if told.

They sat for a few dragged out moments in uncomfortable silence. No one knew quite what to say. Kurt noticed that carol kept glancing at Bury who seemed to be glaring at Dave so hard it was a wonder he'd not burst into flames. Dave looked a little scared now. Mr figgins seemed to have no idea what to say as well asMr shuster and Finn was still fascinated by his shoes

"kurt were worried about you" said carol (finally) Kurt took a shaky breath, he'd been acting so weird it was bound to happen soon "we think we know what's wrong too," added his dad. Oh trust me you don't. Said Kurt but only in his head. "we think you're being bullied again," said Finn "and we think Dave has got something to do with it" said his dad. Dave's eyes widened "wait what?" he asked. Kurt sighed "no that's not it, me and Dave ate fine now" he insisted feeling bad for him. "but dude you're acting like you where last time kurofsky picked on you" said Finn. "he's right Kurt, you're quiet and withdrawn, you can't focus its like you're in a whole other world" added Mr shue.

Kurt buried his head on hid hands and sighed. " that's not it" he told them not bothering to look back up. "then what's you going on Kurt," asked his dad. Kurt looked at him, his eyes where filled with worry. A knot of guilt in the pit of his stomach tightened "please don't tell me its nothing because I know you, and this isn't nothing" Kurt looked back up "Dad I…." he said before swallowing, his throat had gone dry. "I'm scared that something's going to happen to you Kurt, I know that somethings going on and we all know what happened last time and I know non of us want to relive it" Kurt looked at him a tired not to cry "I'm trying to tell you" he whispered. His voice couldn't seem to get any louder. "Just tell me Kurt," Kurt opened his mouth then closed it again because the words wouldn't come out "Kurt you're bleeding" said Carol her eyes widening. "what," I said softly, everything was blurry "Kurt…KURT!"
So heres chapter two! please tell me what you think. I'll start on the next one asap
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kurtklaineblaine Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh man I was crying by the end!!! This is wonderfully written! <3
MizzD Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Thanks these reviews make me smile so much! I'm working on it now I'll have it up asap!
lolnyny Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
OMG, you're kidding me!! I have to wait to the 3th one!! OMG, amzing fic but... I can't wait! What's gonna happen? omg!
MizzD Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
lol thanks It will be soon. I've got this laptop for the night so I'll be typing it up now. Thanks for reading!
lolnyny Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
you're walcome!
XellabelalaX Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student Writer
soooo intense o.o
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